Hot applied coal tar tape
A hot applied coal tar coating in tape form, composed of specially formulated  plasticized  coal tar  coating   completely saturated and 

bonded to both sides of a high tensile strength fabric.

Himtape : Hot Applied Coal Tar TapeHimtape is used to protect underground gas, oil and water pipelines along with buried metal surface from corrosion and electrolysis.

As it is a pre fabricated coal tar tape, its application is easy and environment friendly and it provides uniform coating thickness. It provides a long term protection to pipelines due to its excellent physical and chemical properties.

It conforms to AWWA C203 and IS 15337(2003).

Available in standard thickness of 2 mm, 3 mm and 4 mm in roll form packed in cardboard / wooden boxes.


Himtape is used to protect underground or submerged metal surface from corrosion and electrolysis.
It is commonly used in :

  • Oil and gas pipelines

  • Tanks underground structures and fittings

  • Water and sewage pipelines

  • Fire hydrant lines

  • Pipe joints, fittings and couplings


  • Ease of application and low application cost

  • Uniform coating thickness

  • High water and electrical resistance

  • Cathodic disbonding resistivity

  • Resistance to soil bacteria, marine organisms, root growth

  • Resistance to petroleum products, acids & alkalies

  • Resistance to damage due to impact of backfill

  • Good flexibility and temperature susceptibility

  • Excellent adhesion to metal surfaces

  • Environment friendly

  • Good resistance to abrasion

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