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Himadri is the largest Coal tar pitch manufacturer in India with over 70% market share in the space. The detailed quality processes ensure that it is the preferred material for use as a binder in the manufacture of Aluminum anode and graphite electrode. Himadri has developed and supplied a special grade of coal tar pitch to DRDO. Himadri has requisite approvals from the major Global and Indian Aluminum and graphite manufacturers. These are customized product, made specifically to suit customer requirements and desired quality specifications.

Himadri's CTP impart properties in the manufacturing of electrodes and provide superior quality of the product for ultimate benefits and economics at the user's end. At Himadri, coal tar pitch manufacturing process is very much advanced having series of fractional distillations with a latest technology and is the only plant in the country manufacturing pitch at low temperature applying vacuum, keeping in view complete control on environment and emitting zero pollutants in the atmosphere. To ensure highest quality and service to its customers, Himadri has raw material tie ups with all the major Indian and Global Steel manufacturers.

Aluminium Grade Binder Pitch
(Both Liquid and Solid)
It is unique in its properties to act as an improved Binder having excellent Compatibility with carbonaceous aggregrates of different origin & nature to provide superior grades of electrodes either in situ or in Soderberg type. This product helps to impart technical properties and produce top class anode quality. The Binder is used besides the Aluminium industries also in Refractory, Foundry Chemicals and selected pigment manufacture.
Graphite Grade Binder Pitch Improved chemical compatibility between carbonaceos aggregrate (CPC) and the pitch - it is possible to manufacture long durable and best performing graphite electrodes. Mnufactured electrodes can be used in high capacity electric arc furnaces in hassel free operation.
Impregnated Coal Tar Pitch Carbon and graphite electrodes are finally impregnated with special types of pitch to increase strength and density. Impregnation pitch or Zero QI pitch is used for smooth penetration in micro pores of electrodes for decreasing porosity and to increase strength & electrical conductance, resulting in more durable and best performing graphite electrodes. This zero QI Pitch also has applications in Defence.
Mesophase Pitch Mesophase pitch is being synthesised from pure coal tar. Mesophase pitch is used to make high technology products, such as carbon fibres, binders for lithium ion batteries etc.
Refractory Pitch Grade This pitch is used in manufacture of manufacturing carbon bricks mixture, tap hole mass, ramming mass, sealing fluids. It helps to impart technical properties and is of top quality.
Ultramarine Blue This type of pitch is used as reducing agent as well as a heat source in the manufacture of ultramarine blue.
Pitch for Industrial Crucible and Blocks This product is used in manufacturing of industrial silicon carbide blocks, crucible and as a binder for casted material.
Pitch Creosote Mixture Dehydrated Coal Tar The main ingredients are superior grade binder pitch processed from coal tar generated in high temperature carbonisation of bituminous coal. The selected quality of binder pitch is then cut back by mixing with specific type and ratio of coal tar oil/solvents to achieve the specific properties required for downstream application as defined below. It is not merely half cooked coal tar that is generally marketed as ordinary dehydrated coal tar.
CT SP - 01 Refractory Binder Resinous binder for taphole clay, mudgun mass & ramming mass manufacture
CT SP - 02 Special Refractory Binder Low viscous tar is used for making refractory composite.
CT SP - 03 Coal Tar for Special Grade Refractory Mass Formulation Special tar formulation used for refractory clay making in high dimension furnace
CT SP - 04 Special Coal Tar Formulation for Construction Compounds Used by the construction chemical manufacturers for insulation & expansion joint fillers and waterproofing etc.
CT SP - 05 Coal Tar compound for Refractory & Construction Chemical products manufacturing Used by refractory products manufacturers. Also used by paint industries for industrial paints manufacturers. Extensivly used for anti corrossive insulation for under earth/water structures and metallic & non-metallic structures and cables.
CT SP - 06 Solvent mixed Coal Tar formulation having consistency of Paint and polymers Extensively used by paint industries and also by coating and insulating sheet manufacturers.
CT SP - 07 Coal Tar & aromatic solvant mix having paint consistency It is a solvent based coal tar have the consistency of paint. Used by paint manufacturers & as a good insulating paint.
CT SP - 08 Coal Tar formulation for Refractory & Foundry Chemicals Used by Refractory & foundry Chemicals manufacturers
CT SP - 09 A Special Coal Tar Formulation Used by Carbon & Graphite manufacturers
SP - 10 Coal Tar Coating manufacturing base product Used in coal tar based insulating and anti corrosive coating manufacturing purpose.

Market leader and most reliable supplier of high quality pitch over last 25 years

Among few suppliers globally with capability to produce zero QI pitch

Custom made grades to suit individual applications and plant operations

State-of-the-art manufacturing facility and logistics capabilities