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Caring for the planet

As environmental degradation and climate change emerge as pressing concerns, the need to address our environmental footprint has never been more important. The imminent danger posed by these challenges calls for a united and resolute response from businesses, governments, and civil societies.

As a prominent global provider of speciality chemicals and performance products, we are proactively striving towards achieving carbon and water neutrality in our operations. To this end, we are committed to tracking and analysing every aspect of our business activity, from our use of technology to operations to the solutions we offer to our customers. Our focus towards net zero operations is based on a triple bottom line framework.

We ensure that our innovative product solutions serve as effective tools in addressing the sustainability challenges faced by our customers and communities at large. We are steadfastly committed to lowering our emissions of greenhouse gases. Our resolute goal is to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, aligning with India's visionary perspective on this critical issue.

Proactively, we undertake measures for water and energy conservation, implementing targeted interventions to reduce our environmental footprint. Our focus extends to efficient operations, optimised energy management, water conservation, effective waste management and implementing green technologies.

Our strategic focus

Our strategic focus is directed towards reducing our energy intensity, particularly Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions. More than 90% of our power requirement is met by in-house generated clean and green power. We also conserve energy through Waste Heat Recovery System, Water Conservation and Process Reengineering.

These efforts not only make us a leader in our sector but also provide the groundwork for our larger aim of neutralising Scope 3 emissions, a vital step towards attaining a 'Net Zero' status.

By investing in research and development, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible and driving technological advancements that benefit not only our Company but also the entire industry. Our commitment to excellence and continuous improvement sets us apart from competitors and positions us as a key player in shaping the future of our sector.

The Himadri advantage

We take great satisfaction in the fact that the by-products from other core industries are used throughout our whole value chain. This inherent characteristic of our business ensures that we have minimal direct influence on the depletion of precious natural resources. Moreover, we are committed to developing a circular economy model. This model is designed to harness opportunities for integrating recycled materials from external sources, contributing to both sustainability and resource efficiency. Our diligent R&D team strives to establish a practical circular economy model, reflecting our commitment to sustainable practices.

  • 100% Compliance to local laws in perspective of Air, Water and Solid Wastes
  • Deployment of ISO 14001 management systems for all the plants
  • 100% monitoring of emissions with defined frequency
  • Managing emissions with zero exceedance
  • Driving energy efficiency projects to optimise energy intensity
  • Introduction of energy efficient, new generation and innovative technologies
  • Promoting use of renewal energy directly and indirectly
  • Efficient solid waste management to reduce generation from source
  • Reuse and recycling of wastes by avoiding landfill and incineration
  • Initiating projects to reduce water consumption optimising recycling / reusing opportunities
  • Ensuring Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) by installing efficient treatment facilities such as Reverse Osmosis (RO), Water Treatment Plant (WTP), Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) and so on, to meet the demand of captive consumptions.

Climate Action

At Himadri Speciality Chemical Ltd we realise the urgent need to address climate change and its impact on our planet. We are dedicated to minimising our environmental footprint and contributing to a sustainable future. Our comprehensive strategies include efficient energy usage, responsible sourcing, and innovative processes that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By taking conscious steps towards combatting climate change, we strive to preserve the delicate balance of our ecosystem for generations to come.

Achieving 'Net Zero' by 2050

We understand the importance of aligning our business practices with global efforts to combat climate change. Through a combination of cutting-edge technology, operational enhancements, and a focus on renewable energy, we are determined to eliminate more greenhouse gas emissions than we produce to realise our ambitious goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. This commitment reflects our dedication to environmental stewardship and our role in creating a sustainable, low-carbon future.

Safety committee

At Himadri, safety is not just a priority — it is a core value. Our people are the heart and soul of our operations and the reason we prioritise safety in everything we do—every day, across every aspect of our business. Our Safety Committee plays a pivotal role in ensuring the well-being of our employees, partners and communities. Comprising experts from various disciplines, the committee tirelessly works to identify potential hazards, assesses risks, and implements robust safety protocols.

We strive to provide a safe and conducive work environment to foster productivity, innovation and long-term success. Through regular training, audits and continuous improvement, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of safety across all our operations.

GHG footprint

We are dedicated to measuring, managing, and mitigating our greenhouse gas emissions to reduce our carbon footprint. We employ state-of-the-art methodologies to track our GHG emissions throughout our value chain— from raw material sourcing to product distribution.

By identifying key areas for improvement, we work towards reducing our carbon footprint and adopting sustainable practices. Transparent reporting and accountability are at the core of our approach, as we strive for a lower environmental impact and a brighter, more sustainable future.