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Himadri has always considered Health and Safety of its Employees as an essential and integral part of its each and every activity. Accidents and Risks to Health are prevented through continual improvement in the Working Environment and Safety Measures. All Employees are covered by Health Insurance Policies.

The Company is committed towards protecting the Environment, ensuring a Safe Workplace and conserving Natural Resources. Himadri has established a Safety, Health and Environment Committee to ensure Security and Safety within and around the vicinity of its facilities.

Himadri has created a Sustainable Business by complying with established regulations to ensure all its activities are socially and environmentally responsible. The Company has also made significant investments towards undertaking eco-friendly measures and this has helped in making its Plants 'Zero Discharge Plant'. Employees and other Stakeholders are encouraged to conserve Natural Resources like Water, Fuel, Energy and build an Environment Friendly Workplace.

Himadri has engaged leading Global Environmental Specialists to conduct Third-party Audit of its Environment Safety Measures and their Impact on the Environment. These Auditors comprehensively review all Key Parameters at its Facilities including Surface Water, Soil and Groundwater Toxicity Levels. This Audit has reaffirmed the credentials of Himadri as a 'Zero Discharge' Company. As a responsible Business Organisation, the Safety and well-being of Employees and Communities occupy the foremost priority in the Company's Agenda.

Himadri's efforts towards Workplace Safety have been recognised with the prestigious 'Fire Safety' Award for Corporates in the Eastern Zone over the past few years.