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Nurturing and empowering our talent pool

Our Human Capital forms the core of our growth engine — steering our performance to greater heights. We have a balanced mix of young and experienced employees which ensure innovation of approach on one hand and experience on the other. Our People remain our strongest and most valued asset as they help us in the fulfilment of our duties and responsibilities while creating value for society. Our talent pool is highly experienced, dedicated, ethnically and academically diverse, and forms the backbone of our overall operation.As responsible employers, we ensure proper job-person alignment, offer comprehensive training, implement secure work processes and cultivate a safe working environment. Occupational Health and Safety is not just an important aspect of our Company strategy but also a cornerstone of our corporate ethos. Our priority is to ensure that all individuals associated with our enterprise return home safely.

Beyond our commitment to safety, we are dedicated to fostering equal growth opportunities and cultivating successful careers, while upholding ethical boundaries. We increasingly prioritise diversity, inclusivity and transparency. We have instituted a comprehensive framework to bolster professional development, aiming to attract and retain talent. Our business practices continuously evolve, and our efforts persistently advance to meet our objectives. We are dedicated to creating value for the communities that are inextricably tied to our company, either directly or indirectly. We take great satisfaction in creating value for both our employees and the communities we serve in the areas of our operations.Being a responsible corporate entity, we take a more hands-on approach to community support wherever we operate. We understand that flourishing, resilient communities are essential building blocks of a sustainable future. Our community engagement programme not only supports and uplifts communities but also engenders positive transformations that make a real difference.

Our key deliverables

Occupational Health and Safety
Equal Opportunity, Growth and Diversity
Community Engagement
  • Zero Accident Vision (ZAV) – Achieving and Sustaining Zero LTIFR
  • Comprehensive HSE framework – Deployment of culture-building tools, non-negotiable standards, comprehensive risk assessment and mitigation of significant risk, fail-safe processes/ engineering, emergency preparedness, and so on.
  • Addressing failure (accident, dangerous occurrences), initiating comprehensive investigation and closing the loop by deploying requisite actions
  • Deployment of ISO 45001 management systems for all the plants
  • Compliance framework aligned with local law and human rights with defined action plan
  • Equal opportunity, growth and development framework and action plan with defined timeline
  • Improving gender diversity at all layers of the organisation
  • Promoting education
  • Making healthcare accessible
  • Community development enhancing quality of life

Discover the fundamentals of labour and human rights, feel inspired by stories and initiatives, learn about career opportunities, and get a glimpse of life in our vibrant and thriving Himadri community.