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The Company's Research and Development department, at Mahistikry unit (Hooghly), has been recognized by the Government of India. Its state-of-the-art technical capabilities have rightly been credited for. The Company is appreciated for its perpetual excellence over time. This can be accredited to its continued investments in research and development. These results are well manifested and reflected in the Company's strong product innovation pipeline. It is also evident in the development of high-value products developed through proprietary processes - giving the Company a competitive edge in terms of its offerings. The Company focuses its R&D efforts in all three areas - Products, Processes and Technology.


The in-house R&D team enabled Himadri to forward integrate and regularly launch new specialised products as well as improve the quality of the existing products significantly.


With process interventions, the Company has improve product yield leading to higher output.

Continuous improvement and higher consistency in product quality

Lower energy consumption leading to fuel savings


Himadri has developed in-house technologies around its specialised products giving it an edge in domestic and international markets. Products like coal tar pitch of different grades, advance carbon material and speciality carbon black are results of in-house technology.