Himadri has developed special types of oils to cater to different industries. These are the by-products of our state-of-the-art multi-stage coal tar distillation process. The distillation process is continuous and not the conventional batch process. The process is carried out through a series of fractional distillation columns. Specific qualities/grades of oil are cut off from the distillation process. Ultimately, the customized products are formulated by blending different cut oils in specific ratios to suit downstream requirement of customers' product processing.

speciality oils cover
speciality oils cover


Light Creosote Oils This product is developed from high temperature carbonisation of crude tar. We isolate different phenolic components like phenol, o-p-m cresol and xylenols from it. It is a primary component used to mix with other grades of oils in various ratios to achieve specific quality as per customers' requirement.
Wash Oil/Gas Scrubbing Oil It is derived by secondary or tertiary distillation. The creosote concentration of this oil is more than 60 % and is used as an excellent scrubbing fluid to extract the BTX components from coke oven gas. It is a good solvent to remove naphthalene. Its cleansing property is utilised to clean contaminated surfaces of chemical process industries. It is an important ingredient to manufacture wood preservatives
Phenyl Grade Oil It is a judicious mixture of light creosote oil and wash oil that makes it a stable and very active disinfectant. It is judged as the best creosote oil for black phenyl manufacturing that retains its activity through a wide range of temperature variation with long shelf life.
Wood Preservative Oil/
Creosote Oil
This is a well defined mixture of wash oil and high density creosote oil. Used the world over as one of the best preservatives of timber and wood from termite, bacteria, algae and different insects. Proper pickling of timber with this oil will enhance the life of timber/wood to over 100 years. For any industrial construction, manufacture of railway sleepers, wooden structures, poles etc. According to AWPA, B.S-144 or any other European or Japanese standards, formulation is altered.
Anthracene Oil This product is mixed with a measured quantity of creosote and is used in enhancing bulk density of coal charge, as well as its flow eciency. Many downstream organic chemicals are processed from it.
Carbon Black Oil This product is used in manufacturing of carbon black. It is usually used in captive production.
Coal Flow & Bulk Density Enhancer This product is used in enhancing bulk density of coal charge.
BTX Products This product is used in manufacturing of benzene, toluene and xylene by isolating it by critical fractional distillation.
Fuel Oil This product is used in industrial furnace burners and gives excellent heating value. The hydrogen concentration being very low, its net calorific value is higher than that of petroleum based fuel oil.
Industrial Solvent This product is used as industrial solvent.

DCS controlled continuous distillation process with customised produce offering

Superior technology and quality control with conventional and proprietary analysis

Low sulphur content and environment friendly product