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Given the nature of our business, we are aware of the immense responsibility we have towards Society and the Environment we work in. This is why we follow a Sustainable Model of Development. A point of pride for us is the Recognition given to us by International Finance Corporation (IFC) for excellence in Environmental Leadership.

Apart from above, we also work to make life easier and better for our most valuable assets - our Human Capital. We have various initiatives through which we ensure the Health and Safety of our Employees. This is additionally extended beyond to the larger community we work with.

Himadri is an Environmentally Responsible Manufacturer focused on making proactive investments in Equipment, People and Processes with the objective to reduce effluents and emissions well below statutory standards. Till date, Himadri has made an investment of Rs. 93 Crores in Energy Conservation Measures to control the environmental effects well with Limits. The Various Plants of the Company across the country are subject to Periodic Audits, which have moderated emissions and effluents well below standard norms. Himadri is certified with ISO 14001:2004, benchmarking its Environmental Management System with the most demanding Global Standards. The Company regularly conducts Training Programs to raise and instil Environmental Awareness amongst employees. Some of the major initiatives taken are as follows:


No Water Discharge from Plants

Strict Control Measures against Air, Water, Solid or Noise Pollution