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Anti Corrosion Products

Corrosion Protection

Explore our range of anti-corrosion products, meticulously crafted from high-quality high-temperature carbonization coal tar. This superior material offers optimal resistivity to both acid and alkali attacks. Himadri's anti-corrosion products are designed to excel in all climatic conditions and endure the severe salinity of seawater, providing extended protection.


The temperature and pressure settings are ideally suited for applications in petrochemical plants, ships, water purification facilities, distilleries, milk chilling facilities, and more.

Grades Applications Action
Himcoat Enamel Protects against corrosion for underground and underwater pipes. Get a Quote
Himcoat Primer‐B This white polyurethane liquid coating is used for-
-> Oil and gas pipelines
-> Tanks, underground structures and fittings
-> Water and sewage pipelines
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Himtape -> Wrapping on oil and gas pipelines
-> Tanks, underground structures and fittings
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Himwrap Ensures comprehensive protection for underground pipelines by shielding the enamel from soil stress, pipe shift, moisture, bacteria, and root growth. Get a Quote
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The Himadri Advantage

  • The all-season primer is designed to dry faster under all temperature conditions
  • Its tasteless and odourless properties make it ideal to be used for coating inside pipes
  • They offer a uniform coating thickness
  • These products have high electrical and bacterial resistance
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