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Coal Tar Pitch

Coal Tar Pitch

Himadri is the largest coal tar pitch manufacturer in India, holding over 70% market share in the space. Its most updated state-of-the-art manufacturing process, along with the adopted quality assurance practices, has made it the most reliable source of binder in the manufacture of aluminum anode and graphite electrode. Himadri has developed and supplied a super-specialty grade of coal tar pitch to DRDO. Himadri has also earned goodwill in the international market and has succeeded in obtaining approvals from major global aluminum and graphite manufacturers. Himadri’s R&D wing is in the regular process of market survey and product development tailored to the specific needs of customers.

At Himadri, we meticulously craft all coal tar derivatives by optimizing chemical process technology. We minimize energy losses through the strategic use of vacuum and reduce emission losses, ensuring an environmentally conscious approach. The critical chemical reactions—dehydration, condensation, thermal decomposition, polymerization, and more—are expertly controlled by our dedicated team of highly experienced and qualified technocrats. Our overarching objective is to guarantee the attainment of near-zero emissions throughout our manufacturing process.

Additionally, Himadri has forged significant raw material tie-ups with major Indian and global steel manufacturers, strengthening our sourcing network and ensuring a robust and sustainable supply chain.

Product Name Description Action
Aluminium Grade Binder Pitch It is unique in its properties, acting as an improved binder with excellent compatibility with carbonaceous aggregates of different origins and natures, yielding the highest grades of electrodes either in situ or in Soderberg type. This product helps impart all technical properties and produce top-class anode quality. The binder is used not only in the aluminum industry but also in refractory, foundry chemicals, and selected pigment manufacture. Get a Quote
Graphite Grade Binder Pitch mproved chemical compatibility between carbonaceous aggregate (CPC) and the pitch makes it possible to manufacture long-lasting and best-performing graphite electrodes. Manufactured electrodes can be used in high-capacity electric arc furnaces in hassle-free operation, consuming less electric energy. Get a Quote
Impregnated Coal Tar Pitch Carbon and graphite electrodes are finally impregnated with special types of pitch to increase strength and density. Impregnation pitch or Zero QI pitch is used for smooth penetration into the micro-pores of electrodes, reducing porosity, and increasing strength and electrical conductance, resulting in more durable and best-performing graphite electrodes. Get a Quote
Mesophase Pitch and Advance Carbon Mesophase pitch is synthesized from pure coal tar. It is used to make high-technology products such as carbon fibers and binders for lithium-ion batteries. High Softening Point Pitch and Graphite powder are advanced carbon products. Get a Quote
Refractory Pitch Grade This type of pitch serves as a reducing agent as well as a heat source in the manufacture of ultramarine blue. Get a Quote
Ultramarine Blue Grade Pitch This type of pitch serves as a reducing agent as well as a heat source in the manufacture of ultramarine blue. Get a Quote
Pitch for Industrial Crucible and Blocks The product is used in the manufacturing of industrial silicon carbide blocks, heating elements (rods), crucibles, and as a binder for casted material. Get a Quote
Pitch Creosote Mixture The main ingredients are superior-grade binder pitch processed from coal tar generated in high-temperature carbonization of bituminous coal. Specific quality Coal Tar Oil fractions and solvents are used to manufacture PCM for various uses. Get a Quote


CT SP - 01 Sp. Gr. : 1.19-1.23, Viscosity at 60 deg. C: 250-350 Cps, CV-26-29 %, Naphthalene: <1.0 % Refractory Binder : Resinous binder for tap hole clay, mud gun mass & ramming mass manufacture. Get a Quote
CT SP - 02 Sp. Gr. : 1.19-1.22, Viscosity/25 : 2000-4000 Cps, TI : <10%, Distillate at 230 : <3%, at 300 <30 % Special Refractory Binder : Low Viscous tar used in the manufacture of refractory composite of special requirement. Get a Quote
CT SP – 03 VM : 52-54 %, Naphthalene : .0.5 % BR : 12-16%, Distillate: To 270: 8-15 270-320 : 12-16, 320-360 : <12 General Binder of Special Grade : Special tar formulation used for refractory clay making in high dimension furnace Get a Quote
CT SP - 04 Sp. Gr./20 :1.16-1.19,Viscosity/20 :20-30 Ps, TI : 10-12, To 170 :<1, 170-270 : 10-15, 270-300 : <15, Phenol : <0.5, Pyridine base : <0.8 Special formulations for Construction Chemicals Used by the construction chemical manufacturers for insulation & expansion joint fillers and waterproofing etc. Get a Quote
CT SP - 05 Sp. Gr./20 : 1.19 -1.21, Viscosity/20 :80-120Ps, TI :<10, To 170 : <2, 170-270: <25, 300-350: 5-15 Phenol : <0.5, Pyridine base : <0.5 Refractory & Construction Chemicals manufacture Extensively used for making industrial anti-corrosive paints & insulation for under earth/water both for metallic & non-metallic structures and cables. Get a Quote
CT SP - 06 Sp. Gr./20 : 1.155-1.175, Viscosity/20 : 15-25 Ps. TI: 12-14, To 170 : 10-15, 170-270 : 10-15, 270-300 : <10 Phenol : <0.5, pyridine base : <0.2 For Paint & Polymer manufacture solvent based formulation Extensively used by paint industries and also by coating and insulating sheet manufacturers. Get a Quote
CT SP - 07 Sp. Gr./20 : 1.555-1.175, Viscosity/20 : 8 to 15 Ps, TI : 10-12, To 170 : 20-25, 170-270 : <5 Phenol : <0.2, Pyridine base : <0.2, Flash Point ~ 30 deg. C Coal Tar & Solvent Mix product It is a solvent based coal tar have the consistency of paint. Used by paint manufacturers & as a good insulating paint. Get a Quote
CT SP - 08 Sp. Gr./20 : 1.17 -1.19, Viscosity/20 :40-60 Ps., TI : 13-16, To 170 :5 -8, 170-270 : 8-10, 270-300 : 7-10, Phenol : <0.2, Pyridine base :<0.5 Flash Point : ~ 50 deg. C For Refractory & Foundry Chemicals Used by Refractory & foundry Chemicals manufacturers Get a Quote
SP-08A Sp. Gr./20 - 1.19-1.22, Viscosity/20 : 40-60 Ps, TI : <20, To 170 : <15, 170-270 -13-17, 270-300- <15, Phenol : <0.5, Flash Point : > 50 deg. C, Ash : ,0.2 Used as anti-corrosive paint Application in coating and Insulation purpose. Get a Quote
CT SP - 09 Sp. Gr/30 1.17 to 1.20, Viscosity/25 : 40 to 50 Ps, Solid (NVM at 105 0 C) : 80 +/-5, , Flash Point : >40 deg. C Soft. Pt. of residue Pitch : 70-75 0 C, Ash :<0.5 A Special Coal Tar Formulation Used by Carbon & Graphite manufacturers Get a Quote
SP - 10 Sp. Gr/20 : 1.18 - 1.20,Viscosity/20 : 30 to 50 Ps, TI : 10-12, To 170 : <1.0, 170-270 : 17-22, 270-320 : <15 Phenol :<0.8, Pyridine :<0.3, Flash Point : >100 0 C Coating & Insulation Used in coal tar based insulating and anti- corrosive coating manufacturing purpose. Get a Quote
SP-11 Sp. Gravity/25 : 1.2 +/- 0.05, Viscosity/20 o C: 40 to 60 Ps, TI : 12-15, Phenol : <0.5, Fineness of grind : < 50 micron. Excellent surface coating To prevent corrosion from saline environment under sea/earth Get a Quote
SP-12 Sp. Gr./15.5 - 1.22, QI- 3-5, TI- 15-18, Beta Resin- 13-16, Viscosity at 60 deg. C - 1100-1400 Cps.FC- above 34 Special Refractory manufacture Get a Quote