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Speciality Oils

Speciality Oils

Himadri develops various special products for several sectors through its own research and development facilities. Different kinds of oils are obtained from our multiphase, state-of-the-art coal tar distillation facilities. The distillation technique is continuous to achieve consistent cuts of distillates, with a series of fractional distillation columns utilized during the operation. Throughout the distillation procedure, oils of different grades are separated based on their boiling range. Ultimately, various cuts of oils are used in exact proportions through an operational process to meet customer needs.

Speciality Oils Description Action
Light Creosote Oils This substance is made from crude tar through distillation. We extract numerous phenolic components, including phenol, o-p-m cresol, as well as xylenols. These are major components that are blended in various proportions as required to meet customer specifications. Get a Quote
Wash Oil/Gas Scrubbing Oil Secondary or tertiary distillation produces it. The creosote concentration of this oil exceeds 60 percent, making it the most suitable scrubbing fluid for extracting BTX elements from coke oven gas. It is an effective naphthalene solvent. Using its washing properties, polluted surfaces within chemical process sectors are purified. It is used as an essential component for making the product of wood preservative compound. Get a Quote
Phenyl Grade Oil The combination of mild creosote oil and wash oil renders it durable and highly effective in disinfection. It is regarded as the finest creosote oil in the production of black phenyl since it maintains its activity over a wide range of temperatures and has a lengthy lifespan. Get a Quote
Wood Preservative Oil/ Creosote Oil This blend of wash oil and high-density creosote oil becomes well-defined. Globally, it is used as the most effective wood preservative against termites, germs, algae, and various insects. Properly using this oil will increase the lifespan of pickled wood to almost 100 years. In any construction works, manufacturing of railway sleepers, timber constructions, poles, and so on, the combination is modified as per AWPA, BS-144, or even other European or Japanese requirements. Get a Quote
Anthracene Oil This oil is derived from raw coal tar at elevated temperature by distillation process. It is combined with a specified amount of creosote oil to increase the bulk density as well as the flow effectiveness of the coal charge. From this, several organic compounds are derived. Get a Quote
Carbon Black Oil This oil is processed from the blending of different fractions of oil components derived from Coal Tar. It is utilized in the production of carbon black. Typically, it is employed during captive production. Get a Quote
BTX Products The BTX fraction is obtained from the Tar distillation unit at the initial stage. This chemical is employed in the production of benzene, toluene, as well as xylene by separating them through fractional distillation under critical conditions. Get a Quote
Fuel Oil Different fractions of distillates are formulated and blended to produce fuel oil. This item is used in industrial furnace burners and provides a high heating value. Due to the extremely low hydrogen and low sulphur content, the gross calorific value becomes better compared to petroleum-based fuel oil. Not only is it very clean, with low viscosity, but it is also an environmentally friendly fuel. Get a Quote
Industrial Solvent Industrial solvent is processed from a relatively low fraction of coal tar distillate oil. This item is utilized as an industrial solvent. Get a Quote
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The Himadri Advantage

  • DCS-controlled continuous distillation featuring customizable product offerings
  • Excellent technology as well as quality assurance with customary and unique analyses
  • Low sulphur composition and an eco-friendly solution
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